The Grand Manège: Hermès Spring 2018 Collection

When we consider “spices, amber, coffee, pecans, and russet,” speculation suspects a terrible concoction in cooking, but on the contrary, sentiments are brewing for the Hermès Printemps 2018 collection, revealing tones and shades of warmth for the upcoming season. Hermès communicates an interesting poppy apricot color to signify the brand, but they don’t roam remote from their conventional color palette, preserving the signature familiarity intact and dedication to their heritage and to us. While Hermès is recognized in leather goods, the collection suggests the true nature of the brand: comforting and simply intimate. It’s rather familiar. We’re seeing relaxed fits, and knits for a chillier Spring, but also fitted pencil skirts and belted cardigans, fluid tartans in tea length skirts, culottes, and duster sweaters; 90’s inspired weaved sandals, and of course, proportionate stripes and apron patterns for a semblance in movement. Hermès proved their heritage isn’t about keeping up with fads or fashion trends, or what the top models are wearing, yet their collection presentation shows us they’re here to stay for another century. It’s about classic fresh cuts, universal for all women, a warmer color range for satisfaction and well-being. With scarves made of liquid softness, the collection exhibited the same, soft to the touch, inspired by the whispers of vermillion and marigold, the classic Hermès Grand Manège scarf, a tale as old as time, privately esoteric and very French. Imagine an escape to an afternoon in the Amalfi coast early in the year, a cozy zephyr descends, a place that feels like sunshine. Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, creative director of Hermès captured a responsive stimulation in a memory of legacy, serenity, and inheritance. She’s not one to fall prey to notoriety, but instead a vagabond in reveries. Hermès determined a new translation for Spring: a reserved and unrestricted culture, impossible to most. Gallery images via Photo: Yannis Vlamos / / Feature Image via Yoshihiko Ueda and Fabien Mouillard