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Kadri Klampe

Brand: Yufash

Category: Women's

Links: official website

Designer Profile
Kadri Klampe

Kadri Klampe, or ‘KK’, is the founder and designer of Yufash. The Estonian-born designer conveys her individual and elegant sense of style through her experimental approach to themes and materials. It’s signature of structural shapes and innovative techniques bring the future of craftsmanship. Her first collections are inspired by contrary approach to classical beading and re-inventing the machine embellishment, looking ahead towards the future. She paints the beading pattern designs and mixes up wide colour range of different beads for machines to make. Aesthetically it represents ‘handmade’ in maximum quality. Her last collection takes the experimental techniques even further inspired by light reflective integration and sustainable production. During SS18 showcase she will present her first ever menswear capsule collection. She is designer that moves with the current and most recent. Designer Kadri questions ‘If we only save the old, who will bring the tomorrow?’



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Brand Profile

Launched in 2015, Yufash is a new breed of luxury evening wear for women & men who are confident, sophisticated, and rebellious when it comes to fashion. Edgy and cold, bold and intriguing, dynamical like the restless mind. A Yufash woman/man doesn’t follow trends; she/he sets them. With a strong sense of identity and a clear vision for particular look. All garments are made in England.