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Yasuko Furuta

Brand: Toga

Category: Women's

Links: official website

Designer Profile
Yasuko Furuta

Designed by Yasuko Furuta. Furuta studied fashion design and patterning at Esmod Japon and Esmod Paris. In 1997, she established her first brand TOGA in Tokyo. In 2005, TOGA began presenting its collections in Paris, and in 2014, in London. In addition to its main collection “TOGA”, which it continues to present in runway shows, TOGA also currently produces its shoe line “TOGA PULLA SHOE”, pre-collection line “TOGA PULLA”, and menswear line “TOGA VIRILIS”, and exclusively offers one-off pieces under the label “TOGA PICTA” at its directly managed shops. TOGA: Ancient Roman garment made of a single piece of fabric and worn over a tunic.



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Brand Profile

TOGA is inspired by the etymology of the word — it originally meant "blessed robe", and with that in mind Furuta designs clothes with hidden complexity and nuanced layers. TOGA is distinguished by its exclusive and extensive fabric research and unusual mix of style genres to create clothes that tell a curious narrative. The toga, a distinctive garment of ancient Rome, was a roughly semicircular cloth, between 12 and 20 feet in length, draped over the shoulders and around the body. It was usually woven from white wool, and was worn over a tunic.