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Sánchez Kane


Sánchez Kane

Brand: Sánchez-Kane

Category: Men's

Links: official website

Designer Profile
Sánchez Kane

Barbara Sánchez-Kane is a Mexican menswear fashion designer. She is known for her experimental and political statements mixed with her fashion designs.



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Brand Profile

The collection focuses on two main subjects. On one side it’s about feminism in current Mexican society, and on the other the rise of Donald Trump who hates Mexicans and wants to build up a wall. My mother is American and my father is Mexican, so I made a new citizen, Citizen Sanchez-Kane, that incorporates both cultures. The main concept is; what if EVE was born before ADAM? Mexico used to be a macho-dominant country, but now women are powerful and traditional stereotypes of Mexican society have changed. Our DNA has shifted and this time men are fighting for their basic rights, trying to regain their identity and find a balance in a new female-dominated Mexican society. A new citizen is born –“ citizen Sanchez-Kane”- he uses art to campaign for nationalism and embraces imperfections: A strong sentimental new-breed. While we use language as a weapon to communicate, he wants to look for peaceful dialogue, balance and equality-for all. Intrinsic personal and political emotions are found: MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN!