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Raf Simmons


Raf Simmons

Brand: Raf Simmons

Category: Men's

Links: official website

Designer Profile
Raf Simmons

Raf Simons was born in Belgium in 1968 he is a Belgian fashion designer. Beginning in furniture design, he launched his own menswear label in 1995. In April 2012 he was announced as the creative director at Christian Dior. On October 22, 2015 he resigned from Christian Dior.



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Brand Profile

Encouraged by Linda Loppa, head of the fashion department at the Antwerp Royal Academy at the time and now director of the prestigious italian fashion school Polimado , Simons became a self-trained menswear designer and launched his Raf Simons label in 1995. His first collection was in Fall-Winter 1995, and featured two street models in a video presentation.  From Fall-Winter 1995 to Spring-Summer 1997, Simons' collections were shown either in presentations or videos. Fall-Winter 1997 saw his first runway show in Paris, France with a look of 'American college students and English schoolboys with a background of New Wave and Punk'.