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Brand: Peacebird

Category: Men's

Links: official website

Designer Profile

Mr. Zhang Jiangping, born in 1967, a native citizen of China with no permanent resident permit of other countries, is now a senior economist and the Chairman of PEACEBIRD with an EMBA degree from Fudan University. He is a Representative to the 14th People’s Congress of Ningbo City and holds the positions of the Vice President of China National Garment Association, the Vice President of Zhejiang Garment Association, the Vice President of Ningbo Industrial and Commercial Association, the Vice President of Ningbo Entrepreneurs Association, the President of Haishu District Industrial and Commercial Association. In 1995, Mr. Zhang Jiangping and his associates established the brand of PEACEBIRD based on the prototype of peace dove representing freedom, peace and beauty. PEACEBIRD implements a brand-grading development strategy and has developed several brands, including “PEACEBIRD WOMEN”, “PEACEBIRD MEN”, “LEDIN”, “MATERIAL GIRL” and “MINI PEACE”, “PEACEBIRD LIVIN'”, etc.</div>



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Ningbo Peacebird Fashion Co., Ltd. (stock code: SH603877; hereinafter referred to as “PEACEBIRD”) is a China-based retail oriented, multi-brand fashion company. Upholding its mission to “Let Everyone Enjoy the Fun of Fashion” and help customers to “LIVE SHINING LIFE”, PEACEBIRD is committed to providing customers with fashion products of high quality at the competitive price. The main products of the company include women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, and main brand contains PEACEBIRD, PEACEBIRD, LED’IN, MATERIAL GIRL, AMAZING PEACE, Mini Peace, and among others. The detailed products are eight types including thick coat, thin coat, shirt, <span class="mod-tearsheet-profile__extra"><span class="mod-tearsheet-profile__extra__text">skirt, T-shirt, sweaters, trousers and accessories as well as others. The company distributes its products in domestic and to overseas markets.</span></span> PEACEBIRD WOMEN was re-positioned and experienced a full transformation into a “fashionable and energetic Asian style. In 2008, Magic Fashion Company was founded, starting PEACEBIRD’s e-Commerce business. The brand “LED’IN” was created with a “sweet, elegant and lively style". The Brand PEACEBIRD MEN was re-positioned and experienced a full transformation into a “fashionable and elegant Asian style .PEACEBIRD was elected as one of the “Best Employers in Chinese Clothing Industry". PEACEBIRD made its debut at New York Fashion Week as a model Chinese fashion brand in 2018, gaining international recognition. The company has opened up more than 4000 stores across 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.