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Christa Bösch


Christa Bösch


Category: Women's

Links: official website

Designer Profile
Christa Bösch

Christa Bösch is a designer with a vision. A graduate of Basel Institute of Fashion Design, her latest collection is based on the idea of a group of people, driven by the common thoughts of fun and entertainment. The designer explains her motivations thus – “In search of balance, we rush to yoga classes, meditate with YouTube and treat ourselves to a detox in a hurry. It is a paradox - go home and relax.” Christa speaks to NOT JUST A LABEL about her personal sense of style, what inspires her creatively, and stress… After some month as an au-pair in the States, I realized that kindergarten teacher might not be the right choice for me. So I went to a career consultant, which gave me a list of all courses of studies – by process of elimination I have had three left overs: Mathematics, Architecture and Law - no idea why these three! My high school math teacher told me that math studies are a bit mental, so I decided not to study math. I did some trial days at an architect, but I didn't like that much. So I decided to study law. I was never really happy there, and thought about what I really would like to do. So I tried fashion… and here I am!



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Brand Profile

Ottolinger was established in 2015. Behind the young label are two Swiss lady designers who first met at the Fashion Design Institute of HGK Basel – Academy of Art and Design in Basel –, and are now based in Berlin. Their collections, which were presented first at Fashion Week in London and then at Fashion Week in New York, immediately made waves in the industry. The work of the two designers is characterised by an unconventional, fresh and irreverent approach. Their designs, as they say themselves, exhibit “a process-oriented character and are rather created in the raw”. Even when working with fine materials they are iconoclastic. “Textiles are manipulated and deconstructed, torn, sewn together with rough stitching or even set on fire. A circuit of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction.” And yet Ottolinger’s fashions are still focused on beauty – even if it is not beauty in the classic sense: “We are concerned with the boundary territory of beauty, which leaves room for oddity and at first glance has something unusual about it.”