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Misha Kaura


Misha Kaura

Brand: Misha Kaura

Category: Women's

Links: official website

Designer Profile
Misha Kaura

Misha Kaura is an award-winning designer who creates made-to-measure and ready-to-wear apparel and accessories for the world's most distinguished women.  Hailing from an Indian founding family—the Kauravas—and educated at the finest schools and training programs in Milan, London, New York, and Atlanta, she is a dual trained scientist and fashion designer.  Raised in the US, she regularly holidayed in Switzerland and India as a girl; her cosmopolitan upbringing deeply rooted in her family’s historical legacy has shaped her East-Meets-West design aesthetic.  Her haute couture work experience in London and Paris helped her learn more about the power of the female form.  She strives to make pieces that appreciate in value over time, proving that fashion is more than art: it is also the noblest of all the sciences.  A PhD candidate, Misha divides her time between Paris and New York.  Outside of managing her label, she serves as a Teaching Assistant and will be starting a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor in fall 2019.  As well, she is authoring upcoming books, "The Science of Entertaining" and "The Science of Style," painstakingly researched guides based on her scientific expertise and her family heritage of one of India's founding families.  As well, Misha is hosting a fashion-oriented TV show debuting in the near future.  She is passionate about bringing the luxury and exoticism of her motherland to the wider world.



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Brand Profile

MISHA KAURA is a made-to-measure and ready-to-wear brand for women offering apparel, accessories, and fine jewelry.  Founded in 2017 by Misha Kaura, the label plays with American and Indian styles of feminine and romantic dress by taking elements symbolic of restraint and repression (corsets, bustiers, saris, long sleeves, turtlenecks) and giving them a modern inflection.  The label is thoroughly grounded in an exotic and elegant brand DNA, drawing upon inspiration from South Asia’s greatest artists, Mughal architecture, and the world’s greatest floral gardens. By retooling historical looks and creating new modern looks for both Western and Eastern clientele, MISHA KAURA explores how to extract the ethereal aspects of those styles while rejecting antiquated notions of womanhood.  The label is beloved by the world’s most stylish women of substance, ranging from political wives to politicians, business wives to businesswomen, and socialites to celebrities.   NOTA BENE: THE FALL 2018 COLLECTION DISPLAYED ON THIS SITE IS NOT THE MISHA KAURA FALL 2018 COLLECTION.  THIS WILL BE CORRECTED. - ADRIANA, PERSONAL ASSISTANT TO MISHA KAURA