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Mark Gong


Mark Gong

Brand: Mark Gong

Category: Women's

Links: official website

Designer Profile
Mark Gong

Mark Gong is a New York based designer who, in 2015, founded his eponymous label, Mark Gong Studio. Looking to mirror the silhouette of an independent, unconventional woman, his brand actively embraces creativity, grace, and comfort. His designs are simple, yet sophisticated; quiet yet distinct.

Currently as a student at Parsons: The New School, Mark Gong draws on fashion as a medium to convey his vision of life, history, and culture. Within just three years he has managed to create four seasonal ready-to -wear collections, all while managing and growing his business.



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Brand Profile

The MarkGong Studio represents creativity, grace, and comfort. Simple yet sophisticated, quite yet noticeable, MarkGong's concept it to mold out a independent and unconventional women in the most beautiful manner possible. MarkGong Studio was established in 2015 by Mark Gong who is a student in Parsons The New School. MarkGong uses fashion as a medium to convey his vision of life, history, and culture. Within just 3 years he managed to create 4 seasons of ready to wear collection all while still running different marketing aspects of his growing business.