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Helen Anthony


Naeem Anthony

Brand: Helen Anthony

Category: Women's

Links: official website

Designer Profile
Naeem Anthony

Naeem Anthony is a new British designer, exhibiting all the flair and natural talent necessary to put him on the leaderboard of world designers. Fashion, design and fine tailoring remain his passion and he is renowned for his daring cuts, striking style and intricate patterns. As a frequent traveller, Anthony derives inspiration from many different cultures, religions and seasons, seeking to utilise his design as a medium through which to express his cultural experiences. Anthony's success is partly attributed to his ability to seamlessly encompass his cultural inspiration, together with trend-shifting patterns, eclectic use of colour and bold designs. This ensures that Helen Anthony's designs remain at the very edge of global fashion trends.



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Brand Profile

Helen Anthony continuously strives to innovate and bring you the most cutting edge fashions and designs. This is what we are known for and we combine it with the finest tailoring and cloths to produce a high end product that will adapt to the body and make you stand proud from the crowd. Helen Anthony has achieved huge global success in forging its way towards a global fashion presence. The recognition and reception we have received from the established fashion industry has been resounding and is evidence of the character, design, style and quality of the garments and accessories we produce.