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Brand: Carlise

Category: Women's

Links: official website

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William Rondina is an American designer as well as the Founder, CEO and Chairman of The Connaught Group, Ltd and William Rondina, Inc. in New York City. ''The new look and feel of CARLISLE is so elegant and luxurious! With the energy of the new designers and the visionary leadership of Terrence and Thomas, I could not be more excited about the future of my business I have always wanted to own my own business and the CARLISLE model enabled me to do that easily. I was able to start my business with a small investment and all of the corporate support that I needed to help make me successful. CARLISLE provides a fabulous product, beautiful marketing materials and plenty of support for the stylists.''  



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Ambitious, entrepreneurial, creative are what define their stylists. Their styling expertise and passion help create meaningful and unique shopping experiences that are more than just about clothes. Our stylists will bring you to another level: they will get you complimented on your outfit every day.