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Kunihiko Morinaga


Kunihiko Morinaga


Category: Women's

Links: official website

Designer Profile
Kunihiko Morinaga

Designer Kunihiko Morinaga. Born in 1980 in Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Waseda University School of Social Science. While at university, she started making clothes to go to the Vantan Design Institute. Began activities as "Announcement" in 2003. ANREALAGE means A REAL-Everyday, UN REAL-Extraordinary, AGE-Age. In the daily life, I turn my eyes to the unrealistic everyday twist and take out the starting point of the design from the misery which is likely to be missed. It features colorful and fine patchwork made based on the conviction that “God dwells in details”, clothes in a creative form that is not confined to the human body, and clothes that actively use technology and new technology. In 2005, she won the Avant Garde Grand Prix at New York's New Designer Contest "GEN ART 2005". In the same year, he held the 06S / S collection with Keisuke Kanda at the Tokyo Tower Observatory, and later joined the Tokyo collection. In 2011, she won the 29th Daily Fashion Grand Prix New Face Award / Shiseido Encouragement Prize. Paris collection debut from the fall of 2014, 15 S / S. In 2015, she was selected as the finalist of the "ANDAM fashion award" sponsored by DEFI. In 2016, ANREALAGE AOYAMA was opened. In 2017, ANREALAGE FLAGSHIP SHOP opened. In recent years, the exhibition "A LIGHT UN LIGHT", an exhibition of works after Paris, is held in Japan, and a traveling exhibition is held at the JAPAN HOUSE in LA and S サ ン パ ウ ロ o Paulo. It also participates in the meeting. In cooperation with AMAZON in 18 years, announced A LIGHT UN LIGHT COLLECTION in Tokyo. It is sold at 50 stores worldwide. ( )



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Brand Profile

Designer Kunihiko Morinaga established ANREALAGE in 2003, branding it with a name that combined “A REAL, UNREAL, and AGE.” Based on the garments produced over the subsequent 15 years, Anrealage’s activities can be broadly categorized into three periods. The first seven seasons from the 2005-2006 A/W SUZUME NO NAMIDA to the 2008-2009 A/W MUTYU collection focused on hand work. The second period of five seasons from 2009 S/S ○△□ (ball, pyramid, cube) to 2011 S/S AIR contrasted with the first period by focusing on the shapes of garments. The third period comprises the 12 seasons from 2011-2012 A/W LOW to 2017 S/S SILENCE, a six-year period with a focus on bringing technology into garments.